Welcome to Silence On Sundays


Silence on Sundays is NOT an organisation. It is an idea, inspired by a gathering of like-minded people who are seeking peace within themselves and who wish to deepen their experience of Oneness.

On selected Sunday mornings throughout the year we gather together to meditate, contemplate, sit and Be……in silence. After three to four hours, we then speak a little about what we find. This we call ‘satsang’ – keeping the company of our real self, which is pure, perfect, free, forever.

In silence, it is possible to see the movements of the mind and heart and to let them go on their way. By doing so we come to realise we are not our thoughts or feelings, but the conscious Witness or Knower of them. This is the essence of the teachings of Vedanta, which inform the work of this group.

The word ‘Vedanta’ literally means “the end of knowing”. At the end of knowing is a deep inner peace. We call that your Self, but others may call it God. The name does not matter.

This website offers you an opportunity to join us, either at our group in Twickenham, London, or to start one of your own. The exercises listed are free for you to try. There will be opportunities later on to spend longer periods in silence at retreats for those who might wish it.

Silence belongs to all men and women. It belongs to no religion or group.

Spending time in silence with a group of friends offers deep regeneration of your spirit, allowing the work of the week ahead of you to unfold happily, harmoniously and with fresh energy.

We would love for you to join us, either physically or in the space of silence itself, where we are certainly all One.

The soul who can watch the mind comes to know himself as pure, perfect, free, forever. There is no becoming. Simply be yourself. That is all. Taken from Satsang at Twickenham Silence on Sunday Group